Do Any of These Problems Related to Posttraumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or Life Stressors Sound like You?

You've lost your vitality. You’re having difficulty getting over traumatic experiences. You're so afraid that something bad is going to happen to you again. You worry about anything and everything. You feel hopeless. You believe you're not good enough. 

Maybe you're feeling like you're spinning out of control. You're empty. You're always angry, but you're not sure why. Your relationships are falling apart or maybe no one has ever really been there for you. You're afraid you'll be alone the rest of your life. You start crying for no apparent reason. You have a hard time leaving your home.

 "My life's pretty good, but somehow I'm just not happy." 


Everyone thinks you're conquering the world....but you want to pull your hair out! You feel like a hamster on a wheel, running and running to keep up with your image. Yes, your life looks great on social media, but if they only knew what's been really going on inside you. You know that you could use some help but It's hard enough to find an hour in your schedule for therapy let alone having to spend all that time in traffic too. It seems just too much. But there is hope.

It Took Courage for You to Even Consider Reaching Out for Therapy,

But You Did It!

I provide psychotherapy with both video online sessions and in-office sessions. I have a special interest in helping people who have experienced traumatic events. I work with those who have been raped/sexually assaulted, endured childhood physical and sexual abuse, were exposed to violence in their neighborhood growing up, have been physically assaulted, were in horrible motor vehicle accidents, witnessed death, and have been victims of various other crimes. I work with people who's relationships have been severely affected by what they have experienced. Many of the people I see put on a mask to appear to loved ones and the world as though nothing is wrong but who are secretly crumbling inside.

My career as a therapist has been tremendously rewarding. My clients have been able to get out into the world and not have to feel afraid or constantly look over their shoulder. I've helped them feel calm and relaxed. They're able to handle the stress life keeps throwing their way. The people I've worked with have been able to fully engage with those they care about thereby developing healthy relationships and accepting that others care about them. My clients have learned to live a life that's bigger and more colorful.

"Okay, I know I need help, but I work long hours."

"I'm a parent, I can't focus on myself until the kids are in bed"

"I don't have time!"

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird with a chaotic, stressful life or you have other obstacles to accessing treatment, you can get your needs met in the comfort of your own home. We can meet through video online sessions. If you prefer to meet in person for psychotherapy, my office is located in Pasadena, California; a suburb of Los Angeles. To learn more about me and my practice, check out the pages listed above on the menu or schedule an appointment. I'd really enjoy meeting you.