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Helping Women
Soar Beyond ADHD

Therapy in California As Late as 10 pm


Do Any of These Questions
Resonate with You?

Do you feel like you're always looking through a mental kaleidoscope?


Are you frustrated, disorganized, unfocused, or have difficulty getting things done?

Are you ashamed or angry with yourself for failing everyone's expectations? 

Do you “white knuckle it” through your fears, sadness, anger, anxiety, or resentments?

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome, inner criticism, or the constant feeling that you're never good enough?

Elegant calligraphy pen poised above parchment etched with the inspiring quote: 'If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies" describing therapy.
Carole Goguen, PsyD ADHD therapist

Individualized Therapy for Women with ADHD

You're not alone anymore. I'm Dr. Carole, a licensed psychologist with over 25 years experience.  ​​I specialize in providing therapy for Women with ADHD, many of whom also deal with Anxiety, Trauma, or OCD. I personally understand the unique social and biological challenges you face. Many of us didn't know our struggles had a name until we were well into adulthood - after having spent our lives feeling lost, inadequate, or out of control. Now we know the name: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). 

​Many Who Seek My Care. . .

  • Find their minds impulsively wandering, except when they become hyper-focused on unimportant tasks.

  • Are expected to organize everyone else while feeling like they can't even organize their own lives.

  • Struggle with intense anxiety over everything they need to do.

  • Are angry at themselves for not meeting everyone's expectations.

  • Wear a mask to hide their struggles from the world.

  • Feel confused about why they can't seem to accomplish tasks they know they should be able to do.

  • Experience feelings of inadequacy (imposter syndrome), a need for perfection, or engage in procrastination.

  • Feel overwhelmed by persistent worries and fears, unable to find peace.

  • Battle with traumatic memories that disrupt their daily lives and sense of security.

  • Feel trapped in repetitive, distressing thoughts and behaviors.

If you identify with any of these experiences, know that you are not alone, and help is available.

Isn't it Time to Break Free and Take Flight?

After working with me, my clients often experience a calmer, more focused mind and feel more capable of organizing their lives without being overwhelmed by others' demands. They manage anxiety more effectively, release self-directed anger, and cultivate self-compassion. They become more authentic, gain clarity and confidence in their abilities, and develop healthier relationships with their inner critic. They find a greater sense of safety, control, and connection with others, reduce worry and fear, heal from traumatic memories, and break free from distressing thoughts and behaviors. Ultimately, my clients feel empowered, understood, and equipped with practical tools to navigate their lives with greater ease and confidence.


Whether you prefer short-term therapy to achieve specific goals or ongoing support for continuous growth, I'm here to help you move your life forward. Learn more about my approach here.​​

Hands holding a butterfly that has been transformed similar to how therapy can transform you life.

Individual Therapy

Are you ready to. . .

  • Feel in control of your life?

  • Be comfortable with who you are?

  • Manage your daily activities?

  • Enjoy your career and home life?

  • Believe you deserve your hard-earned success?

  • Communicate effectively?

  • Feel truly connected with loved ones?

  • Live free from relentless thought loops?

  • Overcome destructive perfectionism?

  • Experience a genuine sense of confidence, safety, and peace?

  • Emerge from your cocoon and fly?

Beyond ADHD

Anxiety Therapy decription on stationary

Anxiety Therapy

Struggling with Anxiety doesn't mean you're broken. Discover your strengths, even when life presents challenges.

Trauma Therapy decription on stationary

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to dictate your future. You can heal and enjoy the happiness you deserve.

OCD Therapy decription on stationary

OCD Therapy

OCD can be all-consuming, and take control. Learn effective strategies to finally find lasting relief 

ADHD rarely travels alone. Conditions like anxiety, trauma, and OCD can often hitch a ride with ADHD. These issues can make it harder to concentrate, manage emotions, and maintain daily routines. By addressing these hidden challenges alongside ADHD, you can finally achieve the focus and clarity you deserve.

There is hope!


All it takes is the click of a button to connect with me for a free, low-stress, 15-minute telephone consultation. Feeling comfortable with your therapist is crucial. I'll answer any questions you have to ensure I'm the right fit for you and that we'll work well together.

Your Therapy,Your Time

With your comfort and convenience in mind, my evening and late night video sessions are designed for individuals who. . .


  • Juggle demanding or unpredictable schedules that make in-person visits challenging.

  • Dread sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic or spending ages circling for a parking spot.

  • Need ongoing child- or adult care.

  • Prefer to be in the comfort of their own space. 

  • Face physical or emotional challenges that makes it difficult to leave their homes.

Laptop and comforting coffee create a tranquil haven for confidential online therapy sessions, prioritizing your mental well-being.

Night Owl Psychotherapy offers late night appointments, so you can finally get the help you deserve without disrupting your day. I provide convenient online therapy sessions throughout California, even as late as 10:00 pm. Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing together, on your terms.

Discover a Life Beyond Challenges

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