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Welcome to my therapy practice. I am an expert in helping individuals overcome a variety of challenges and rediscover peace in their lives.


My approach is collaborative and supportive.  We will work together to identify your goals and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

flower representing recovery from anxiety
flower representing recovery from trauma

You wake up with a knot in your stomach, constant worry playing in the background of your life. Stepping outside your comfort zone is terrifying. Social gatherings feel like obstacle courses with every conversation a potential minefield. 


I've helped my clients to wake up to mornings that are quieter. Deep breaths greet their day, not racing thoughts. They can plan outings without the crippling fear of what-ifs. Moments of nervousness but don't spiral out of control. 

You're used to living in a world painted in shades of fear. Triggers lurked everywhere, sending your heart racing and memories crashing down. You're constantly struggling with anger, grief, and fear. 


As a trauma therapist, I work with clients to rebuild their lives.  They can be in public spaces without feeling like prey. The intrusive memories, once vivid and debilitating, lose most of their power.  They acknowledge and process their emotions in a healthier way.  They express their feelings constructively and navigate the emotional landscape with more confidence. They no longer feel defined by trauma.



flower representing recovery from depression
flower representing recovery from OCD

Every day feels like you're wading through molasses. Every task takes monumental effort. Simple social interactions feel draining. You struggle to find the positive in anything. Joy seemed like a distant memory. 


With therapy my clients have gained the tools to navigate those dark patches and find their way back to the light. The constant gray clouds lift. The mountain of undone chores doesn't seem so daunting anymore. They can tackle their to-do list without feeling paralyzed by inertia. Activities they used to enjoy but abandoned regain their appeal. They can connect with friends and family, finding pleasure in their company.

You feel like a prisoner in your own mind. Intrusive thoughts buzzed like angry bees, and compulsions were the only way to quiet them, even if only for a fleeting moment. You're constantly barraged with unwanted thoughts. Urges to perform rituals are overwhelming, taking over your life. 


But after therapy and a lot of hard work, my clients can acknowledge unwanted thoughts without getting sucked into the cycle of rumination. They resist the compulsion to check the lock one extra time, or wash their hands until they're raw. They go out with friends or take public transportation. They participate in life more fully, without constant worry.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

flower representing recovery from body-focused repetitive behaviors

You're used to living in a constant state of self-scrutiny. Obsessed over imperfections. Hands are never quite still. You have an overwhelming need to pick, pull, or bite at your skin or hair. You feel shame and hide your self-harm, isolating yourself. 


With therapy and dedicated effort, my clients forge a new relationship with her body, one free from compulsive behaviors. They no longer control their actions. They developed healthy substitutes for their behaviors, redirecting their focus and experiencing a sense of calm. They talk openly about her BFRBs with loved ones, strengthening their relationships and decreasing feelings of isolation. Self-esteem improved and they feel more comfortable in her own skin. 

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs)

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