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Man with Anxiety


Anxiety is a feeling that combines certain types of thoughts, behaviors, and/or body sensations. It can take many different forms. Some people describe anxiety as feeling “all nerved up,” while others may say “my nerves are bad.” 

You may feel really worried most of the time. You might think that something bad is going to happen. Perhaps you find yourself pacing, giggling you leg, or having a hard time sitting still. Your muscles could feel tense or your heart might feel like it’s going to pound out of your chest. You can’t shut your mind off. Being around people, especially people you don’t know well, makes you want to crawl into a hole so you don’t embarrass yourself. Many people have tremendous fears of certain things such as spiders or heights. Anxiety can get so bad that people think they’re going to die.

Anxiety can start at any time, childhood, teenage years, or adulthood. Anxiety may be brought on by any number of things - feeling pressured, something bad happening, or taking something that stimulates your nervous system such as caffeine or other substances. Anxiety can just run in your family.


Basically, we all feel anxious sometime in our lives. You might feel anxiety for a short period of time or it can last for years. It can effect your ability to work, your relationships with family or friends, and your physical health.


If you think you might need help with your anxiety, then you probably do. Mild or severe, short-term or long-standing, there is help. You can learn to feel calmer, feel more confident, and see yourself and the world in a more helpful way.


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